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Mesin Bor Jacro 75 Konvensional

Portable Hydraulic Drill Rig, engine YANMAR 15 PK,
boom penyangga rig 2 bh, velve 4 tingkat sistim rantai,
win 1 bh, oil pump ,orbit, geer box, slang hydraulic
Drill rod Ø 42 mm x 1,5 mtr
Mata bor wing bit 73 mm tungsten
Clamp rod Manual
Core barel triple NQ x 1,5 mtr + tungsten bit
Core bit diamond triple
Core bit diamond triple vapan/ USA/ Eropa
Reamer NQ Tungsten
Reamer NQ diamond
Core Litter + Stop Ring NQ
Case NQ
Kunci Permali NQ (2 Outer + 2 Inner)
Water supply pump SANCHIN 45 + diesel CX. RRC 8 Pk
Mud Pump SANCHIN 120 + diesel RRC 10 Pk
Selang Tekan karet Ø 1”
Selang HOPE pely pipe
Poly Pipe connector / water mur
Pipe wrench 36” tekiro – jepang
Pipe wrench 24” tekiro – jepang
Liquid Polimer




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